• Family Violence is
    the Leading Cause
    of Injury to Women &
    Children in America
    Centers For Disease Control, 2011

  • 1 in 3 Women
    in the U.S.
    are Victims of
    Domestic Abuse
    Physically/sexually assaulted
    by either their husbands,
    boyfriends or exes

  • 1 in 8 Children
    Suffer From
    in the U.S.
    The majority by uneducated, poor,
    minority teen mothers, living where
    violence and/or drugs exist

  • 1 in 4 Girls & 6 Boys
    Will Be Sexually
    Assaulted Before
    They Reach Age 18
    Over 90% by family members,
    friends of the family, coaches or
    someone they already know

  • 1 in 5 College Women
    Will Experience An
    Attempted or Actual
    Sexual Assault
    Before They Graduate
    Most colleges are not protecting them
    as required by law & rapists are rarely
    prosecuted or disciplined

Americans Ending Abuse is the new national grassroots
organization fighting to protect women & children from
domestic, dating, child and sexual abuse. Read the latest news
below about our efforts, plus the ongoing battle nationwide.

Texas State Rep. Cindy Burkett Joins Our Board of Directors

Texas Republican State Rep. Cindy Burkett has agreed to join the Americans Ending Abuse Board of Directors. Rep. Burkett was first elected in 2010 to represent House District 101, which included

Free New Erin's Law Website Built To Help Stop Child Sex Abuse

Americans Ending Abuse produced ErinsLaw.org for free in 2012 to help childhood sexual abuse survivor Erin Merryn lobby state legislators to protect children from sexual predators.

Our Anti-Porn Bill Became Texas Law Sept. 1, 2011

Americans Ending Abuse's bill to make it illegal for parents & guardians to show porn to their children was passed unanimously by all 181 Texas state legislators & signed by Gov. Perry during the

We Endorse State Rep. Cindy Burkett For Re-Election Nov. 4

Americans Ending Abuse strongly endorses Republican State Rep. Cindy Burkett, our new Board member, for re-election in Texas House District 113 in the Nov. 4 general election. Cindy is a

Associated Press publishes our story nationwide about Cooks

Associated Press published our story nationwide Oct. 14 clarifying that felony charges of Injury To A Child against David and Angel Cook have been dismissed and CPS has

J.J. Smith aids Erin Merryn, Sen. Wayne Shaw lobby for Erin’s Law

Americans Ending Abuse founder J.J. Smith traveled to OK City Oct. 21-22 to aid and support childhood sexual assault survivor Erin Merryn and State Sen. Wayne Shaw lobby the OK legislature to

A.E.A. News Blog

judge specia

Texas foster deaths hit grim record

I By J.J. Smith Add Comment

Too many foster children are dying in Texas CPS care! Eight last year. Here’s a tremendously well-researched and written article by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje in the San Antonio Express-News in December, 2013: SAN ANTONIO — In the past fiscal year, eight children died from abuse or neglect while in foster care in Texas, an all-time [...]


Mother claims Heath High bullying victim also bullied by Heath police

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This Rockwall News photo is powerful, as taken by the mother. Did police really need to pin this young bullying victim to the floor? Now we’re awaiting responses from the police, prosecutor and school district about all these claims. HEATH TX – The mother of a former 15-year-old Heath High School student, who had a [...]

Cook boys

3 boys claim they were sexually abused in Texas foster homes

I By J.J. Smith 7 Comments

CLEBURNE TX – Three brothers ranging in age from 12-14 claim they were sexually and physically abused by other boys at two state-licensed foster homes they were placed in by CPS last year in Waxahachie TX, but say neither the foster parents nor CPS nor other social service professionals would take any action to protect [...]